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Hiking in the Lozère


Local guides offer various tours spread over several days. The Lozère has 2000 kilometres of long-distance trails and 500 kilometres of shorter trails.
Canoeing Wild water sports
The Tarn and Jonte rivers are ideal for canoeing, rafting, canyoning, watery walks, tubing, hot-dogging, and other white-water sports. Several local organisations offer circuits on the Tarn:
1 - Castelbouc, Sainte-Enimie
2 - Sainte-Enimie, Saint Chély du Tarn, La Malène
3 - La Malène, Le Pas de Soucy
4 - Les Vignes, Le Rozier
Fishing in the Lozère Fishing
Fishermen are in their element in the Lozère, with over 2700 km of top category rivers and streams. The Lozère is ideal for fishing: courses, training sessions and special accommodation have been set up to provide something to suit each and every fisherman.
Climbing Climbing/Caving
The Lozère has over 950 climbing routes, for a total vertical of 20,000 m on 18 highly varied natural sites. Alfred Martel, Louis Armand, Robert de Joly and other renowned cavers have left their mark. Numerous underground networks exist, as well as well-known caves such as Aven Armand and Dargilan which can be visited by tourists.
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Aven Armand

Aven Armand
48150 Meyrueis
Tel. : +33 4 66 45 61 31
Fax: +33 4 66 45 67 38

This vast underground cavern is large enough to fit Paris's Notre Dame cathedral in with room to spare. Over 400 carefully-lit stalagmites stretch their lacy tentacles to a height of several metres
Dargilan Dargilan cave
48150 Meyrueis
The largest cave in the Causses and the Cévennes. The natural horizontal entrance gives access to one of the largest underground caverns in France, full of huge mineral formations with strong natural colours
Gévaudan wolves Gévaudan wolf park
At Sainte-Lucie in the Lozère, over 100 wolves live in semi-captivity. The legend-filled Gévaudan is a fitting home for these wolves, who live in their natural wooded habitat in a park covering several hectares.
Point Sublime Point Sublime
Three-star site. The finest view overlooking the Tarn gorges 400 metres below.
Roc des Hourtous panorama
A viewpoint over one of the most grandiose sections of the gorges, from the hamlet of Les Angles to the Cirque des Baumes.
Pas de Soucy
One of the key sites in the Tarn gorges was probably brought about by an earthquake. There is a lookout point on "Roque Sourde", giving a grandiose view over the torrential waters below. Legend tells us that Saint Enimie fought with the Drac, or Satan, here.