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Completing the food chain

In 1992 work started to reintroduce another species, the European black vulture, completing the food chain formed by the other carrion birds: common ravens, black and red kites, griffon vultures, and scavenger vultures.

Only the bearded vulture; restricted to the Alps and Pyrenees, is not found in the Cévennes. The European black vulture is now rare throughout Europe. It shares the spoils of griffon vultures, and also searches for dead animals, such as rabbits and hares, in partially wooded areas. Lighter and more powerful than the griffon vulture, it is also more agile with its larger wings.

Five years later, almost two dozen of these huge birds with their dark brown plumage have settled in the region, including four nesting couples. In 1997 a "special protection zone" covering 130 hectares was set up, giving the vultures official protection for their habitat in the Causses.